The advent calendar of educational iPad apps day 23 – Cargo-Bot


This will drive you mad. Cargo-Bot is a very simple concept – using a limited set of commands you have to move a set of crates using a crane and a grabber. It’s an app which tests computational thinking and problem solving skills. It does this using programming skills, especially loops and repeats. In terms of skills progression, I find it a natural next step from lightbot.

To give you an understanding of the difficulty you just need to see the names of the levels – tutorial, easy, medium, hard, crazy and impossible. The tutorial level is accessible to most upper KS2 children, and some higher attainers will move beyond it. However, you shouldn’t measure progress in this game by the number of levels completed. It’s about how children overcome obstacles and learn from their mistakes. To add another dimension, when you complete a level you are awarded one, two or three stars according to how close you are to the optimum solution.

There’s an interesting back story to Cargo-Bot – it was the first game to be developed entirely on iPads for iPads. This is worth sharing with students. For most of them, their primary access to computers at home will be through tablets.


The advent calendar of educational iPad apps day 23 – Cargo-Bot

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