Game development with Sketch Nation Create

As a computing teacher I am spoilt for choice when it comes to KS2 coding and programming resources. I have previously blogged about some of the most effective tools and I firmly believe that it is essential to utilise a variety of platforms to keep children interested and deepen their logic and reasoning skills.

For this half term, I have been asking children in year 5 and 6 what they would like to achieve in computing, and one of the most frequent responses was that they would like to create their own app. With this in mind I did a little research on a well known search engine and found Sketch Nation Create. This is a free app, available for a variety of platforms which enables you to design and create your own game based on a number of preset templates. These templates mirror the format of some of the most widely known games such as Candy Crush, Subway Surfers, Sonic, Flappy Bird etc…

The beauty of Sketch Nation Create is its accessibility. Children can see examples of the different formats of games, and using the simple mode can create their own version in a matter of minutes. This makes it accessible for learners of all attainment and means you can focus the learning on refining the process of development. As you become more confident you can progress to the Advanced or Expert modes to introduce more complexity. Apps can be easily saved either locally or online and shared with other users.

As with all tools it’s not a catch-all solution, however its a great way of demonstrating the processes app developers go through and it delivers results quickly which gives learners a real sense of achievement. There are also some good cross-curricular opportunities, it would be easy to tie in app development into other topic areas.


Game development with Sketch Nation Create

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