Hack the web with x-ray goggles

I have found the last couple of teachmeets slightly frustrating. One of the guiding principals of teachmeets is ‘thou shalt not sell’. Disappointingly, it seems that this is becoming more diluted over time, and increasingly teachmeet presentations are being taken by those with a commercial interest. Despite this, there are still sometimes the odd gem, which makes it all worthwhile…

One such gem was a presentation by Ben Davies (@b3ndavi3s) who presented Mozilla x-ray goggles at the National Football Museum Teachmeet last November. X-ray goggles is a tool which lets you remix web pages by altering text and images. I have been using it to introduce year 5 and 6 children to basic website design and to encourage a more positive perception of hacked learning. As a prompt I did quick remix of a BBC web page – this caused quite a stir!

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 21.14.56

Mozilla x-ray gogglesThis took about 5 minutes to do, including a very simple setup process.

Using x-ray goggles the children then remixed Marvel comic pages to create their own Superhero to save the Open Web from the dark forces of the Black Hat hackers. This is an idea I adapted from Mozilla’s lesson ideas. In a Computing context this introduced the children to basic html, including tags and CSS.

Once the skill has been taught, there are so many possibilities around writing, imagine being able to write your own news report, and then remix it into a national newspaper’s website. It’s also a great teaching resource – you could produce some great wow-starters to engage learners or produce some fantastic authentic fakes.

Give it a go. If nothing else you’ll have a bit of fun playing with it!

Hack the web with x-ray goggles

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