Google forms – assessment made easy

As a computing teacher, one of the biggest challenges is recording assessment in a meaningful way. There are lots of great apps on iPads which can help with assessment, including Socrativ, Nearpod and many more.

When using iMacs, I have found the options to be more limited. However, there is a tool which you can use to quickly and easily create assessment opportunities which can be embedded into blogs. I have used it widely, from a quick assessment of a new skill to a book review template which I’ve added as a page on year 5 and 6 blogs.

The feedback from the forms is presented in a google spreadsheets, which you can manipulate as you see fit. Responses are also time stamped, so you have ready made evidence for your assessments. You can also watch assessments as they are submitted, enabling you to support children who have not yet responded.

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 23.02.34

Forms are easy to put together, with lots of options for different types of questions, mandatory or optional questions and the ability to go to different questions depending on the responses received.

If you haven’t tried it, I recommend giving it a go – it is a very simple and effective way to assess work through your blog.


Google forms – assessment made easy

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