Schools and Corporate Social Responsibility

Possibly not the most exciting title for a post, but one which could bring big benefits to schools. CSR policies are designed to ensure that companies act not only within the law but also within the spirit of the law. Over recent years there has been a move for companies to be more outward facing to promote activities which benefit the wider community. It is a great way for companies to build their reputation in the community and is particularly important for those sectors which have taken a reputational battering over recent years. This is where schools can benefit. I know of very large blue chip organisation who are actively looking for schools to engage with.

I’m not suggesting that schools should be touting businesses, but this is a good time to make the most of any connections you may have. Talk to suppliers or partners. Do you have any parents who work in companies that have CSR policies? You may be surprised by the response you get.

Also don’t forget to sell what you can offer. Most schools have a social media presence and good links with local press – use this to show off what you’re doing. You are also offering businesses access to hundreds of future employees. If that doesn’t interest them, what will?

Schools and Corporate Social Responsibility

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